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Hello there

Welcome to! I am so happy you’re here, even if you have somehow managed to stumble here by accident. My name is Imogen Hobbs, but most people call me Imi. I'm a British expat currently living in Chicago with my incredible wife and our rescue pup Luna. Originally I’m from a city in England called Worcester—yes, where the sauce comes from. I hope my Britishness adds a little fun to the page. In fact, if you don’t have an English accent, I suggest you read everything I post in said accent. (Fun, right?) If, however, you’re not here for reading posts in British accents, you’re probably here because you love to bake. We have that in common. I mean, I REALLY love to bake. 

I love making cakes and biscuits (cookies—not the kind with gravy) and experimenting with new flavors—especially mixing traditionally savory ones with the traditionally sweet. I also love making pastries, pies, and various types of breads and sweet doughs. I’ve even mastered sourdough… along with everyone else (thanks, COVID). My starter’s name is Sal the II. Yes, I killed the first one. Nobody’s perfect. 


My favorite everyday things to bake are chewy American-style cookies, Victoria sponge, and sandwich loaves. As for my all-time favorite creations? Those would be my blackberry and dark chocolate opera cakes and my fresh summer berry and basil roulade.


This passion for baking started young: my earliest memory is of being in the kitchen with my Italian grandmother, Yolanda, making Tom and Jerry cupcakes from a box (if you know, you know). I would spend hours in the kitchen with her, helping make everything from fresh pasta and pizza to zeppole and beautifully soft sweet taralli. 


My nan was the one to show me how, but I’ve stuck with my passion thanks to a supportive mother who always begrudgingly allowed me to mess up her kitchen, a strong sister who never minded giving an honest opinion, and a caring wife who pushes me to be the best version of myself. Oh, and there’s always the dog to pick up the crumbs. 

I am doing this for them, the rest of my supportive friends and family and for everyone out there who wants to bake. If you need some help with the how, let me show you the way. And if you’re here for the Britishness, I’m sure I can accommodate tha, toot. Thanks for being here with me. 


Go bake stuff

—Imi xo

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